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This contest is finished.
We will be glad to see You next time!


Contest starting
— 2021.01.31
The last day for uploading
— 2021.05.03
Winners will be announced
— 2021.05.07
Age Requirements
— Over 18 years
— Professional
Charge a fee
— Free entry

Photos must meet the following requirements:

  1. format .jpg / .jpeg, (TIFF, RAW will not beaccepted)
  2. max file size is 8 Mb; max width is 2600 px, max height is 2600 px; 
  3. Adobe RGB profile or SRGB.
  4. Specify all the necessary information about the picture: creation date, location, country, topic, description under the picture after downloading on the site (a short comment about the picture).
  5. the content of image should be unchanged, without montages, collages, without cloning parts of images. Only editing what could be done with analog printing, such as cropping, brighter, darker,contrast, softer, more sharply, etc.
  6. This corresponds to the currently accepted standards in photojournalism.
  7. The works should be photographed not earlier 1of January 2019.


  1. The contest is open to all photographers and photojournalists of the world.
  2. The application form must include personal and professional details of the participant, contact details.
  3. There is no entry fee. Participation is free.
  4. Before you take part in competition, you must read the rules of participation and a declaration.
  5. The same image can only be entered once,either as a single or as part of a story/portfolio. Images submitted more than once will not be accepted.
  6. Only single-frame images will be accepted.
  7. Images with added borders, backgrounds orother effects will not be accepted. Images must not show the name of a photographer, agency, or publication (this information can be included in the metadata of the image but must not be visible on the image itself).
  8. A catalog of the best works of the competition can be obtained for a fee 20 €. Awarded diplomas, medals and catalog compensate for postage for sending their awards 12 € .

Submission of entries

  1. Only entries uploaded and submitted via theentry website http://c77.startphotocontest.com/en/ 
  2. The deadline is 03 of May, 2021, 23.59 Central European Time
  3. All winners will be contacted immediatelyafter the results of the contest have been announced
  4. We will delete all entries that have not been selected by the jury.
  5. The conditions set out in the entry rules andin the declaration are binding.
  6. LifePressFoto hopes that all participants willact in accordance with the guiding principles of professional conduct set outin the Declaration of Principles on conduct of Journalists International Federation of Journalists.



I declare that  I am the author of the photographic material I submit.

I guarantee that to the best of my knowledge no third party can claim rights or raise objections to publication/reproduction/distribution of the material submitted. Submission of  the Materialdoes not violate any applicable law, including but not limited to the Copyright Act or the Neighboring Rights Act.

If my material is selected as the LifePressPhoto of the Year 2021, I grant LifePressPhoto permission for its unlimited use for activities under the auspices of LifePressPhoto, without any remuneration being due.

I give permission LifePressPhoto to use materials in online archives, demonstrations of the results of previous competitions, an indefinite term and without any remuneration, but with  obligatory indication of authorship.

The jury: 

Alexander Kharvat, MFIAP, Ukraine

Garik Avanesian, MFIAP, Czech Republic

Jaroslav Gutek, EFIAP, Slovakia

Alternative: - Boris Bukhman, NSPAU, Ukraine

Chairman LifePressPhoto 2021 - Alexander Kharvat, MFIAP, Ukraine


Photoexhibition and awarding ceremony will beheld in the exhibition hall of Ostrog Academy


PO "Ukrainian Center forPhotographic Art", National University "Ostrog Academy", studio "Upharvateri istyn"

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